Chief Editor November 12 2023

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Property agent gets jail for disorderly behavior and kicking police officer

A real estate agent, Rochelle Chow Shuting, was handed a 16-week jail term and fined S$1,500 on Friday (Nov 11), over six years after an incident stemming from a drunken escapade following a wedding at the Parkroyal on Pickering hotel.

Convicted of disorderly conduct and obstructing a police officer in the discharge of duty, Chow plans to appeal her conviction and sentence. The incident, occurring around 5:30 pm on Aug 13, 2017, unfolded after a dispute with wedding guests led to a security guard monitoring Chow. In a state of inebriation, she struggled to exit the hotel's car park, prompting the security guard to call the police for assistance.

Upon police arrival, three officers restrained Chow, who allegedly kicked Sergeant Muhammad Taufiq Zainudin when he tried to retrieve her dropped phone. Although body-worn camera footage did not capture the kick, the prosecution argued that Chow intentionally injured the officer.

The legal proceedings spanned over four years, marked by inconsistent defenses from Chow. Despite initially pleading guilty in April 2019, she later retracted it in 2020, asserting intoxication-induced memory loss. During the trial, she claimed to recollect the incident, contending that she raised her leg to retrieve her phone or maintain balance.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Samuel Chew sought a four to five-month jail term and a S$2,000 fine, citing the frivolous nature of Chow's defense, which underwent multiple changes. The judge considered the harm caused to the victim, acknowledging it was less severe than comparable cases, but factored in the prolonged police engagement due to Chow's alcohol-induced state. Defense lawyer Sarbrinder Singh argued that witnesses supported Chow's case, maintaining it was not a hopeless defense.

According to Council for Estate Agency (CEA) registry, Rochelle Chow Shuting is a property agent from SRI Pte Ltd.