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  • img S$737.46 psf
  • img 3 Bedrooms
  • img 2 Bathrooms

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  • img S$1,085.54 psf
  • img 3 Bedrooms
  • img 3 Bathrooms

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  • img S$1,158.77 psf
  • img 5 Bedrooms
  • img 5 Bathrooms

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  • img S$3.90 psf

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  • img S$1,224.87 psf
  • img 4 Bedrooms
  • img 4 Bathrooms

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There are different types of property in Singapore and 80 percent of the population stay in HDB flats also known as public housing. The rest of Singaporeans reside in private residential such as condominiums, walk up apartments and landed properties. 

Singaporeans like to invest in new launch projects and resale private condos. Other real estate asset classes include the commercial retail shops and industrial units B1 or B2 which are not subject to Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD).



The Residences at W Singapore Sentosa Cove For Sale by City Developments At a Steep Discount

Cityview Place Holdings, a subsidiary of the renowned property developer City Developments Ltd (CDL), is set to make a significant splash in the real estate market this month. With 58 meticulously curated units up for grabs, The Residences at W Singapore Sentosa Cove presents an enticing opportunity for both homebuyers and investors alike. A spokesperson from Cityview Place Holdings has described these units as "specially curated" and offered at an "attractive price for a limited period." Starting at S$2.1 million for a two-bedroom unit and going up to S$3.5 million for a four-bedroom unit, these prices reflect a compelling investment proposition, particularly given the recent surge in interest and sales activity within Sentosa Cove properties. Situated in District 4 of the prime Core Central Region, this 99-year leasehold luxury development, developed by CDL, occupies approximately 250,000 square feet of land. With a lease that began in 2006, there remains around 80 years of leasehold tenure, ensuring long-term stability for potential buyers. The project comprises 228 residential units and was completed in 2011. According to The Residences at W Singapore Sentosa Cove rental transactions, most units within the development were leased between 2011 and 2024, with rents ranging from S$4.49 to S$6.97 per square foot per month. However, with this upcoming sales round, prospective buyers have the opportunity to own their slice of luxury living in Sentosa Cove. In this sale, two-bedroom units spanning 1,227 square feet will start at S$2.1 million, offering a competitive price per square foot. Larger three and four-bedroom units are also available, catering to diverse lifestyle preferences. Additionally, select five-bedroom penthouse units will be on offer, providing unparalleled luxury living experiences. The Residences at W Singapore Sentosa Cove - Price List 2 bedrooms (1,227 sqft) from $2.10M or $1,726 PSF. 3 bedrooms (1,625 sqft) from $2.687M or $1,648 PSF. 4 bedrooms (2,067 sqft) from $3.488M or $1,687 PSF. Comparing recent transaction data reveals the attractiveness of this offering. While just 20 units were sold since April 2010, with prices ranging between S$3.5 million and S$6.6 million, the current pricing for the 58 units represents a significant opportunity. The median unit price stands at S$2,810 per square foot, around 40% higher than CDL's current offering. Recent resale transactions further underscore the potential for value appreciation. A 1,259 square foot unit transacted at S$2.2 million in September 2023, demonstrating a substantial price increase from its original sale price in 2010. Additionally, URA Realis figures indicate a favorable pricing trend, with median unit prices for condominiums in the Southern Islands at S$1,999 per square foot. The Residences at W Singapore Sentosa Cove is part of CDL's upscale integrated development, Quayside Collection, comprising the renowned W Singapore-Sentosa Cove hotel and the vibrant F&B and retail hub, Quayside Isle. CDL's strategic moves, including a club deal with Blackstone and CIMB Bank in 2014 and the acquisition of full control of W Singapore-Sentosa Cove and Quayside Isle in 2019, demonstrate a commitment to capitalizing on Sentosa's transformation. How to book an appointment to view and book The Residences at W Singapore Sentosa Cove? With viewings for the 58 units scheduled from April 10 to April 14 and sales bookings commencing on April 15, now is the opportune moment to secure a stake in this prestigious oceanfront development. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of luxury living in Sentosa Cove and be part of its promising future. Contact Propertyforsale at 98896968 to enquire on The Residences at W Singapore Sentosa Cove

April 10 2024

Property agent fined $14000 and suspended for fake property listings and advertisements

In the bustling world of real estate, where the stakes are high and competition is fierce, maintaining ethical standards is paramount. The Code of Ethics and Professional Client Care (CEPCC) serves as a beacon guiding real estate agents and salespersons towards ethical conduct and professionalism. However, as exemplified in the case of Abel Ang Pei Xiong, a real estate salesperson (RES) registered with ERA, deviations from these standards can have serious consequences. Paragraph 12(4)(a) of the CEPCC explicitly mandates that estate agents and salespersons refrain from disseminating any inaccurate, false, or misleading information in their advertisements. This provision is not just a legal requirement but also a moral obligation to uphold transparency and fairness in the real estate industry. Abel Ang's case, which unfolded between December 2021 and February 2022, underscores the repercussions of flouting these ethical guidelines. Ang, in his capacity as an RES, posted online advertisements for three new property developments – Properties A, B, and C. However, instead of adhering to the accurate prices provided by the developers, Ang advertised significantly lower prices, ranging from $260,000 to over one million dollars less than the developers' asking prices. The ensuing disciplinary proceedings revealed the gravity of Ang's actions. The CEA Disciplinary Committee (DC) found him guilty of three breaches of Paragraph 12(4)(a) of the CEPCC. The DC's ruling emphasized that Ang's misleading advertisements were not mere oversights but deliberate attempts to deceive potential buyers. Such practices not only tarnish the integrity of the profession but also unjustly disadvantage other RESs adhering to ethical standards. The repercussions for Abel Ang were severe. Convicted on three charges, he faced fines totaling $14,000 and a five-month suspension starting from October 2023. Beyond the financial penalties, the suspension serves as a reminder of the consequences of ethical misconduct in the real estate industry. Ang's actions had broader implications beyond his individual misconduct. Misleading advertisements not only deceive consumers but also cast doubt on the transparency and credibility of developers and the real estate profession as a whole. Discrepancies between advertised prices and actual selling prices erode trust and undermine the integrity of the market. Moreover, Ang's conduct highlights the ethical dilemma faced by RESs in a competitive market environment. The temptation to attract clients through deceptive means can be alluring, but it comes at the cost of professional integrity and long-term trust. To prevent such ethical lapses in the future, stringent enforcement of ethical guidelines and regular training programs are essential. Real estate agencies must foster a culture of integrity and accountability, where RESs understand the importance of honesty and transparency in all their dealings. In conclusion, Ang's case serves as a cautionary tale for real estate professionals, underscoring the imperative of upholding ethical standards in advertising practices. By adhering to the principles outlined in the CEPCC, RESs not only fulfill their legal obligations but also contribute to a fair, transparent, and trustworthy real estate industry.

March 08 2024

APAC Realty Limited: Almost 50% decline in new home sales revenue in 2023 for ERA

APAC Realty Limited, a prominent real estate services provider operating under the ERA brand in Singapore, recently released its financial results for the year ended December 31, 2023. Despite facing challenges in the macro environment and local property market, the company demonstrated resilience, retaining a substantial share of the Singapore market and continuing its expansion efforts in overseas markets. Revenue and Profit Performance: In FY2023, APAC Realty reported a revenue of S$557.3 million, representing a decline from S$705.0 million in FY2022. The drop in revenue can be attributed to a 47.8% decline in new home sales revenue and a 3.3% decrease in revenue from resale and rental of properties. The company closed FY2023 with a net profit of S$10.6 million, reflecting a 59.9% decrease compared to FY2022. Despite the challenges, Mr. Marcus Chu, the Chief Executive Officer of APAC Realty, highlighted the company's ability to generate positive cash flows and maintain S$44.1 million in cash and cash equivalents as of December 31, 2023. Market Share and Performance in Singapore: In a challenging market environment, ERA, APAC Realty's real estate brokerage arm, managed to retain a sizeable share of the Singapore market. According to market data, ERA recorded 18,911 property sales transactions in FY2023, capturing a 40.7% share of the residential property market. This is consistent with the 40.6% share achieved in FY2022. The Capital Markets & Investment Sales (CMIS) team played a pivotal role in closing significant deals, contributing to the overall performance. ERA was also appointed as the marketing agency for 21 new home projects, securing an estimated 30% share of the new homes segment. Technological Innovation and Commitment to Salespersons: In 2023, ERA demonstrated its commitment to empowering salespersons with cutting-edge technologies. The SALES+ super-app was enhanced with over 20 new features, including the integration of OpenAI GPT-3.5 for copywriting, content generation, and translation tasks. This integration significantly improved salespersons' productivity and overall user experience. ERA's focus on innovation extended to features such as in-app asset advisors, property valuation tools, and streamlined processes for posting property listings. These advancements showcased ERA's commitment to staying ahead in technology adoption and providing superior service to clients. Collaboration and Outreach: ERA's collaboration with Mediacorp on the television drama, 'My One and Only,' further extended the brand's reach and connected with new audiences. The drama, featuring renowned actors like Zoe Tay, Elvin Ng, and Ya Hui, provided a fresh perspective on the real estate profession and showcased ERA's commitment to engaging with the community. Outlook and Regional Expansion: Looking ahead to FY2024, APAC Realty is set to focus on salespersons, projects, and platforms. The company aims to empower its sales force with advanced tools and knowledge, reinforcing its position as an industry leader. Overseas, the Group continues its regional expansion strategy, particularly in Indonesia and Vietnam, with recent acquisitions and a positive outlook for the Vietnam property market in FY2024. Conclusion: APAC Realty's FY2023 results showcase a company that, despite market challenges, remains resilient, innovative, and committed to empowering its sales force. The strategic focus on technology, market share retention, and regional expansion positions APAC Realty for continued success in the dynamic real estate landscape. As the industry evolves, APAC Realty's adaptability and commitment to excellence ensure it remains a key player in the Asia-Pacific real estate market. APAC Realty - ERA Share Price in Singapore Exchange APAC Realty share price in Singapore stock market sunk to a 3-year low at $0.41 on March 4, 2024. The Singapore real estate market sentiment has deteriorated due to high interest rate environment and ongoing retrenchment in the tech sector.  Mr. JT Chia, the Managing Director of Propertyforsale Pte Ltd, sees a buying opportunity at $0.41 which is a strong support level. The risk reward is favourable for long term investors and APAC Realty has a very high dividend yield. 

March 06 2024

Enhancing Connectivity: Thomson-East Coast Line Stage 4 Set to Transform East Coast Properties

Singapore's commitment to advancing its public transportation infrastructure takes another significant stride as the Thomson-East Coast Line Stage 4 (TEL4) is set to commence passenger services on June 23, 2024. This announcement was made during the Ministry of Transport's Committee of Supply debate, emphasizing the government's dedication to enhancing accessibility and connectivity for commuters. Linking East Coast Region with Thomson-East Coast Line The TEL4, spanning 10.8km, encompasses seven strategically located stations: Tanjong Rhu, Katong Park, Tanjong Katong, Marine Parade, Marine Terrace, Siglap, and Bayshore. This extension aims to improve accessibility for commuters in the East Coast region, offering alternative travel options and reducing travel times significantly. Travel Time Savings and Improved Connectivity Commuters along the East Coast area can anticipate travel time savings of up to 50 percent when utilizing the TEL. For example, a resident from Marine Parade commuting to Shenton Way will experience a journey time of just 20 minutes via TEL, compared to the current 40 minutes by bus and train. This substantial reduction in travel time is set to enhance the overall commuting experience for residents and workers alike. Additionally, TEL4 extends the reach of the rail network, providing better access to work and recreational options along the East Coast. With the opening of TEL4, approximately 235,000 households will be within a 10-minute walk from an existing TEL station, fostering greater connectivity and convenience. Preview and Free Travel Event To familiarize commuters with the new TEL4 stations, a special preview and free travel event will be held on June 21, 2024, from 10 am to 9 pm. This event not only offers a glimpse of the state-of-the-art facilities but also provides an opportunity for residents to experience the enhanced connectivity firsthand. A series of activities will be organized to mark the opening, with more details available on the Land Transport Authority's (LTA) social media pages. Future Developments: TEL5, DTLe, and East Coast Integrated Depot Looking ahead, residents in the east of Singapore can anticipate further improvements to their commuting experience. Four additional stations – Bedok South, Sungei Bedok interchange, and Xilin – are slated to open in 2026, coinciding with the completion of TEL5 and the Downtown Line extension (DTLe) projects. The East Coast Integrated Depot, featuring connecting tunnels to both TEL and DTL, along with viaducts from the East-West Line, is also set to open in 2026. These developments underscore Singapore's commitment to creating a comprehensive and efficient public transportation network for its residents. In conclusion, the opening of Thomson-East Coast Line Stage 4 is a pivotal moment in Singapore's ongoing efforts to improve transportation infrastructure. With enhanced connectivity, reduced travel times, and future expansions in the pipeline, residents and commuters in the East Coast region can look forward to a more seamless and efficient transportation experience. Property Prices Near Thomson-East Coast Line Properties, both landed and condominiums, situated within a ten-minute walking distance from the TEL MRT stations are poised to gain advantages from the ease of commuting to work or the city. Nevertheless, most of the good news have been priced in. Property prices have appreciated significantly in recent years since the announcement from the Land Transport Authority, said Andy Chia JT, Propertyforsale Managing Director.  Businesses face headwinds and uncertainties as global economic activity remains slow, he said.  The layoff in the techology (IT) sector will persist this year and it will affect some Singaporeans' ability to service their mortgage loans if they cannot find a tenant, Chia said. 

March 05 2024

GuocoLand Unveils Lentor Mansion at Lentor Hills - Preview Price and Discount

GuocoLand Limited, a renowned real estate developer, has revealed its latest gem in Singapore's residential landscape - Lentor Mansion. Nestled in the prestigious Lentor Hills estate, this residential development is set to redefine luxury living with its unique concept inspired by Singapore's iconic black-and-white bungalows. Iconic Inspiration and Unique Concept Lentor Mansion draws inspiration from the classic black-and-white bungalows, which are synonymous with hilly and forested areas. The development seamlessly blends the charm of these timeless structures with modern conveniences, creating an unparalleled living experience. Spanning a vast 2.2 hectares, equivalent to three soccer fields, Lentor Mansion boasts the largest site and lowest density among all plots sold under the Government Land Sales Programme in Lentor to date. According to Mr. Cheng Hsing Yao, Group Chief Executive Officer of GuocoLand, "Every project we do in the Lentor Hills estate has a unique concept. For Lentor Mansion, we drew our inspiration from the iconic black-and-white bungalows." Idyllic Lifestyle and Modern Conveniences Lentor Mansion comprises three 16-storey towers and three 8-storey blocks, featuring a total of 533 residential units. Residents can relish unblocked views of the adjacent hillock park, private landed estates, and the lush greenery of nature parks and reserves. The development is designed to offer an idyllic lifestyle, complemented by modern conveniences. Families will appreciate the on-site childcare centre with dedicated access for privacy. The proximity to the Lentor Modern mall and Lentor MRT station, a short 5-minute walk away, ensures residents have easy access to essential services, educational facilities, and a variety of dining options. Efficient Layouts and Innovative Design GuocoLand's commitment to efficient layouts is evident in Lentor Mansion, catering to families of all sizes, including multi-generational households. The development introduces the first 5-bedroom units in the Lentor Hills estate among the new developments, showcasing innovative design with flexible layouts. Ms. Dora Chng, Residential Director at GuocoLand, highlights the incorporation of flexibility into each unit's design, stating, "For example, the design of our 4- and 5-bedroom units can have their dining spaces expanded to host larger gatherings of 12 persons." Lentor Mansion is also the first private residential development launched under the new URA guidelines, harmonizing strata and gross floor areas. This means buyers only pay for actual liveable space, with prices starting from S$1.149 million for a 2-bedroom unit to S$3.176 million for a 5-bedroom unit. Mansion Living in a Forest Garden The double-storey clubhouse, named "The Mansion," reflects the historical black-and-white bungalows, serving as a grand drop-off point and a space for residents to relax and socialize. Lentor Mansion offers an extensive range of facilities, including a 50-meter lap pool, tennis court, gym, and various pavilions with barbecue pits. The lush greenery throughout the development, reminiscent of forests where black-and-white bungalows are found, creates a tranquil atmosphere. A "Forest Trail" allows residents to immerse themselves in nature, while a side gate provides easy access to the hillock park for pet owners. Strategic Location and Future Connectivity Residents of Lentor Mansion can enjoy excellent connectivity through Lentor MRT station, part of the Thomson-East Coast Line. The upcoming Lentor Modern mall, expected to open in 2026, will further enhance convenience with its supermarket, pre-school education center, clinic, and a variety of food and beverage options. With Lentor Mansion's strategic location, residents can easily access major parts of Singapore, including Bukit Timah, Botanic Gardens, Orchard Road, and the Central Business District. The Thomson-East Coast Line also connects to other major lines, including the future Cross Island Line. Green Certification and Future Vision Lentor Mansion, a joint venture between GuocoLand and Hong Leong Holdings, is targeted to be completed by the end of 2027. It is set to become GuocoLand's first residential development certified Green Mark Platinum (Super Low Energy) by the Building and Construction Authority. This certification underscores the commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. As GuocoLand continues to shape premium living experiences in Lentor Hills, Lentor Mansion stands as a testament to their dedication to creating harmonious, luxurious, and environmentally-friendly spaces for residents to call home. With its innovative design, modern conveniences, and a focus on nature, Lentor Mansion is poised to become an iconic residential landmark in Singapore. VIP Preview Price and Member Discount Sales bookings for Lentor Mansion are scheduled to commence on 15th March.  Register as a member of Propertyforsale and contact us to book an appointment to view Lentor Mansion showflat from 1st March. Submit your cheque and letter of authorization (LOA) for your desired unit at Lentor Mansion through our affiliate partner.  Propertyforsale will gift $3,888 shopping vouchers for your successful purchase of Lentor Mansion.

February 28 2024