Chief Editor October 29 2021

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Prime BTO Flats and PLH Model Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have compiled a list of questions and answers for the buyers of Prime Built-To-Order (BTO) Flats under the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model.


Can singles buy Prime BTO Flats?

No. The BTO criteria allows singles to buy new two-room flats in the non-mature estates only. However, singles may choose to buy existing resale flats in prime central locations.


Who can buy Prime BTO Flats?

There is no change in the eligibility conditions for buying a typical BTO flat. The same applies for Prime BTO Flats application.

  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • At least one of the applicants must be a Singaporean.
  • Do not own any private residential property.
  • Income ceiling not more than $14,000. Refer to the respective BTO project requirement.
  • The eligibility schemes are Public Scheme, Fiancé/Fiancée Scheme or Orphans Scheme.

However, there is a reduction in quota for priority allocation under the Married Child Priority Scheme.  

Currently, the scheme sets aside up to 30 per cent of BTO flats for those who wish to live with or near their parents or children in the location.


Can the owners of Prime BTO Flats rent out their flat?

No. Under the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model, owners will not be able to rent out their whole flats, even after the 10 years minimum occupation period (MOP) is over.


Can the owners of Prime BTO Flats rent out their bedrooms?

Yes. HDB allows owners to renting out spare rooms. HDB is aware that some flat owners will abuse the rule, by locking up one room and renting out the rest and they do not stay in the flat at all.

HDB will not hesitate to take firm action against errant flat owners. In extreme cases, the flat may be taken back.


When can I sell my Prime BTO Flat?

You must fulfil a 10 years minimum occupation period (MOP) before you can sell the flat in the open resale market or buy a private residential property.

A typical BTO project that is not in a prime location has a 5 years MOP only.

You can only sell to resale buyers who meet the prevailing BTO eligibility conditions, such as the income ceiling.


Do I enjoy the additional housing subsidies for Prime BTO Flats?

Yes, because the flats in these prime locations will command a higher market value, so they will be priced with additional subsidies, on top of those currently provided for all BTO flats.

However, if you sell the subsidized Prime BTO flat in the future, you must pay HDB a certain percentage of your flat resale price. The clawback will address concerns that extra subsidies will lead to a windfall gain. 

HDB will unveil more details of the subsidies clawback in November BTO sales exercise.


Where are the Prime BTO Flats located?

Under the Prime Location Public Housing (PLH) model, the flats will be built in prime and central locations, such as the city centre and surrounding areas, including the Greater Southern Waterfront.

In November, Rochor will be the first project to be launched under this model. 

It will consist of 960 units of three-room and four-room flats, and 40 two-room rental flats within the same blocks. Located along Weld Road and Kelantan Road.


How many PLH projects will be launched?

At least one PLH project a year will be launched subject to site availability, among other factors.


Where can I check the HDB resale price?

Go to HDB resale price portal for the latest and daily up-to-date transactions. You can search by the town or location as well as the flat type. The transactions are updated everyday.