Chief Editor January 31 2022

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JTC - Real Estate Developer of Industrial Property

What is JTC Industrial Property?

JTC is a government agency responsible for Singapore’s industrial progress. The government agency has been working together with industrialists for more than half a century. They work together to build vibrant and innovative developments that contribute to Singapore’s industrial growth.


Why should you choose JTC?

There’s no doubt that JTC yields many competitors. But what sets JTC apart from the rest? Read on to find out why you should choose to partner with JTC on your projects.


JTC understands you and your industry

You can be sure that JTC is well-versed in your industry. They may even understand what you do just as well as you do. JTC keeps itself up to date with trends affecting each industry. It is also capable of anticipating your business needs to see that you succeed.


JTC anticipates your business needs

JTC developments such as the Jurong Innovation District is designed to ease your journey towards Industry 4.0. The space comes with a strong support network that can level up your operations and workspace. We also have places like Punggol Digital District which is perfect for digital businesses. From there, you can access data and conduct simulations in virtual scenarios. It’s the perfect place for you to do prototyping. Besides that, Sungei Kadut Eco-District is also readily available for traditional businesses.


JTC connects and opens doors of opportunities

JTC can provide you with a direct connection to any type of business in Singapore. Can you imagine the endless opportunities your business could tap in? That’s the major benefit of being part of JTC’s growing community. Their customer base is not only huge, but they also possess a diverse partnership ranging from research bodies to Institutes of Higher Learning. Check out JTC’s Industry 4.0 network to know more.


Types of Space

JTC has been involved in many projects of different spaces. They have a diverse portfolio which includes Business Park Space, High-Rise Space, Land-Based Factory, and even Workshop Space.


Business Park Space

A business park space is a large plot of land that is dedicated to office buildings. Businesses that generally occupy the business park space are commercial enterprises. Industrial companies may also occupy the offices in the business park space, but the space is not meant for their factories. There will also be no residential properties within the business park. Simply put, a business park is primarily for offices.

You can often find business parks in suburban areas where the land is significantly cheaper. Business parks under JTC include Woodlands North Coast, Mediapolis, International Business Park, Changi Business Park, and more.

High-Rise Space

As the term suggests, a high-rise space is referring to structures that stem high from the ground. A high-rise space is defined as any structure where the height can cause serious impact during an evacuation. In other words, a multistory building is tall enough to require elevators. Skyscrapers are considered high-rise spaces.

JTC oversees high-rise spaces such as Tampines North.

Land-Based Factory

JTC has also been involved in projects surrounding the land-based factory. In 2014, JTC launched its first high-rise industrial facility meeting the needs of heavy-duty manufacturers. This was to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) overcome land constraints.

Land-Based Factory under JTC includes the nine-story Tampines North and Woodlands Industrial Park.

Workshop Space

Workshop spaces are designated for the production and repair of manufactured goods. Workshop spaces are relatively smaller in scale if compared to an industrial factory. These spaces are commonly found nearby residential areas.

Workshop spaces that are under JTC include Jurong Port Road Terrace Workshops, Pandan Loop Terrace Workshops, and Tuas Avenue 13 Terrace Workshops.

It’s important to note that tenure may differ between the different spaces. It may range from 30, 60, or even 99 years. Some may even be categorized as freehold properties.


Where can I check the caveats or past transacted price of industrial properties?

Visit Industrial Property Transaction to find out the latest transacted price of JTC properties. It contains valuable data on the tenure, lease start date, floor area of the strata unit and sale price. 

If the transaction is for warehouse or single factory unit, the land size will be shown instead.