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Feng Shui House Number that is Auspicious and Lucky

Buying a house with an auspicious number can bring you abundance of fortune and good luck according to Feng Shui master. Are you planning to buy a Singapore property?

There is a saying that number 4 is a taboo for Chinese home buyers when it comes to the floor level of a private condo or HDB flat. Some property agents feedback that apartments on level 4, 14 or 44 are difficult to sell and unable to command a premium. 

Most Chinese owners think that a house with the number 8 symbolises good luck and fortune. 

Do the house number 4 or 8 affect the house owners in terms of Feng Shui? In reality, those popular numbers that we commonly know that will bring us good or bad luck are pure superstitious.

If you are staying on level 88 but the external and internal landforms are not in your favour, you will still be very sway (unlucky).

Whereas if your unit number is #04-174 (translate in Chinese “All die together”), if the external and internal landforms are to your favour, you will Huat Huat (prosperous).

How to Choose a House Number

The reference point will be your Gua Element also known as elemental affinity between you (occupant) and the level.

We will touch on each Life Gua number and element on how they relate to the floor level in the residential apartment or HDB flat.

How to Calculate your Life Gua Number

For Gentleman:

Add the last 2 digits of your birth year and reduce to a single digit. Minus that single digit from 10.

For example, if David's date of birth is 14 Sep 1979:

  • 7+9=16
  • 1+6=7
  • 10-7=3

Hence, David has a life Gua number 3.

For Ladies:

Add the last 2 digits of your birth year and reduce to a single digit. Add 5 to that single digit.

For example, if Amy date of birth is 19 June 1983: 

  • 8+3=11
  • 1+1=2
  • 2+5=7

Hence, Amy has a life Gua number 7.

However, if your birthday falls between 1 January to 3 February, your birth year should be counted as the year before. So, 3 Feb 1983 will be regarded as 1982 for the purpose of this calculation.

For those born in the year 2000 or later, you must deduct from 9 instead of 10 for Men and add 6 instead of 5 for Women.

We have attached a table below for you to check your Feng Shui Gua Number according to your birth year or Chinese Zodiac.

I will show you more on the next post in which what Gua represent and their details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if my life gua number is 9 and I am currently staying on level 6?

A: Selecting a floor that matches your Life Gua is just for reference, most importantly it is the external landform (70%) and interior form (30%) that would affect you the most. 

Q: I want to buy a house for investment and rental income, is it important that this house is on a floor level as my life gua number 9?

A: Selecting a floor level that matches your life gua would only make the occupant feel comfortable living on the floor. If anyone is looking for wealth, then you need to know how to harness the positive energies in your house, do your work at that specific sector. It is the effort that create the wealth for you.

Q: We are a married couple, my wife and I do not have the same life Gua number. How do we know which floor level is good for us?

A: If both the husband and wife do not have the same Life Gua number then we will see the Gua Element. Each Gua Number is associated with one of the 5 Elements. 

Even if both the husband and wife Gua Element does not match, we will apply the Favourable element principle instead of Life Gua Method, this will give you a slightly higher level of personalisation. But as mentioned, the external and interior landform are much more important that the Life Gua Method.

You may contact Ministry of Chinese Metaphysics at +65 98798655 if you would like a Feng Shui Audit to find out the positive and negative energy of your home. Or you can scan the QR Code below to book an appointment with us. 

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